After Hike Presentation: Saturday, September 18

Fifteen members of the Forlorn Hope, the first Donner Party escapees, left Donner Lake on December 16, 1846. Thirty-one days later the seven survivors arrived in California and that started the Donner Party rescues. It was an incredible feat in the middle of winter. In December of 2020, four extreme athletes did a reprise of the Forlorn Hope trek. It was also an amazing feat. Two members of that group will be speaking during and after lunch. It will be a treat.

If you want some background of both the original Forlorn Hope and the reprise, go the Donner Summit Historical Society’s web pages ( and then to the Heirloom pages or check out their website. You’ll want to read both the December ’20 and the January ’21 Heirloom editions. Those stories will also be a treat.

After Hours Presentation: Saturday, September 18 @ 5:30 PM

Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer will give a presentation at the Donner Memorial Visitors Center. Click for more information and to Download a Flyer.