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Hikers Extraordinaire

Greg Zirbel – Roller Pass guide and fellow hiker Allan Slocum enjoying preparing for next weeks event!

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Article in the Reno Gazette Online


Appeared online and running in Sunday’s paper!

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Fun Fun Fun

If you are looking for beautiful views and lots of history join us on the Roller Pass/Mt Judah loop. Jerry Blackwill one of our guides will share stories from the past that will enlighten and uplift you!

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High Sierra Lakes

Floyd Whiting, one of our knowledgable guides is leading the ever favorite High Sierra Lakes hike!

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Donner Party Chronicles September 13-18, 1846

The Donner Party marches on crossing Jasper Pass where the women are fighting over trivial matters. The morale is low and they push on. More mountains need to be crossed. They reach Ruby Valley (now eastern Nevada) and they go south to go around the mountain range. Everyone is fragmenting. Germans stay with Germans, […]

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Early September 1846

The Donner Party is crossing the Great Salt Lake Desert and every family fends for itself. Twenty two wagons on hard, dusty road until they reach the cent with a shallow lake that has turned to alkali. It is like walking through deep oatmeal mixed with glue. Oxen stumble. Children cry. Cattle moan.

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Donner Party finds Hastings Note!

Today in history (August 28, 1846), the Donners discover another note from their guide Lansford Hastings. The note is shread into pieces from the birds and can’t be read in the current condition. They collect the pieces, It is Hastings’ handwriting: “2 days-2 nights-hard driving-cross-desert-reach water.” The distance must be greater than forty miles! […]

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Mt Judah!

Mt. Judah was named after Theodore Judah, an american railroad and civil engineer who was a central figure in the original promotion of the Transcontinental Railroad. He was key in getting investors together for the Central Pacific Railroad and he surveyed the Sierra Nevada mountains to determine the best route. Donner Pass was the […]

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Diaries Kept

Thankfully diaries were kept by some of the Donner Party. It is using the diaries that we are able to recount the tragic events that unfolded during the winter of 1846-1847. To find out more- sign up now  and join us October 4 -5.

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Hastings’ Tracks

Today in history August 4, 1846, Captain Hastings realizes he has made an error in judgement and posts a note for the Donner Party to find in two days time. The note advises them not to take this route.

Credit Frank X. Mullen Jr. author of Donner Part Chronicles

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