“There’s plenty of Truckee history to write about, and I have plenty of melodies in my head,” Blair said. “It’s been a great way to keep my creativity moving in a forward direction because there’s no stop. Outside of the history thing, just as an artist it’s been a great experience. ”

Blair has recorded his second album of historic Truckee tunes, Truckee Roots, in his home studio. He’s focused both albums on stories from the 1800s, and while From the Streets of Truckee focused on particular people and places, the new tunes are all about the journeys people took. The album’s first song, Pollard Station, tells about how people used to travel along the Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road, the main stagecoach route of the day.

“One of the harder songs I went to write was about the Donner Party,” Blair said. “I’m so tired of [cannibalism] being what everyone thinks about when they think about the Donner Party … This song celebrates their pioneer spirit, not the overdone part.”

As part of Saturday’s festivities we will have Richard Blair sing his favorite ballads- come join us!