Donner Party Chronicles

Our speaker for Saturday afternoon October 8 as part of the Donner Party Hike,

Frank Mullen has written an excellent book, Donner Party Chronicles.

Bill Oudegeest recently reviewed it in the Heirloom (the Donner Summit Historical Society newsletter) Take a minute to read:


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Brush up on Pioneer History

Thank you for the great press from San Francisco Chronicle


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Getting ready!!

We have been out on the trail narrating the history of our beautiful area. Mt. Judah and Roller Pass hike is one of the more popular with views of Lake Van Norden, Summit Valley and the entire Donner Summit. Once we have hiked a little on the Pacific Crest Trail we can see over Donner Lake […]

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Richard Blair joins us on Saturday


“There’s plenty of Truckee history to write about, and I have plenty of melodies in my head,” Blair said. “It’s been a great way to keep my creativity moving in a forward direction because there’s no stop. Outside of the history thing, just as an artist it’s been a great experience. ”

Blair has recorded […]

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Early Deadline fast approaching

Our early deadline that saves you money will end at the end of September- please join is this year!

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Tahoe Trail Bars

Once again Tahoe Trail Bars is one of our sponsors. Each hiker will enjoy one of these delicious bars while hiking with our knowledgeable historians. Choose one of six hikes this year and come join us!

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Share our video

Please help promote us!

You Tube video link!

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Speaker for 2016

We welcome Frank X. Mullen author of Donner Party Chronicles as our afternoon speaker on Saturday, October 8, 2016 as part of our Saturday afternoon activities!

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Weather Channel Special

There is a great television special running on the Weather Channel-Dead of Winter the Donner Party. It is excellently produced and includes experts: Frank Mullen, Ethan Rarick, Mark McLaughlin and Creek Stewart.

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2016 Dates

We have chosen our dates for 2016- October 8-9, 2016!

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