Hiking + History = Donner Party Hike!

Exploring this region on interpretive walks and hikes, you can almost hear the clip-clop of oxen and the rumble of wagon wheels, as countless emigrants scaled the mighty Sierra Nevada in search of a better life. Learn about the success of the Stephens Party; the tragic events the Donner Party endured; and the importance of the transcontinental railroad.

Join us for Saturday hikes, or Saturday and Sunday, and enjoy a weekend steeped in history and exploration. Put on your hiking boots, choose a hike and discover Truckee’s history!

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Happy Hikers Say:

“Our family had a great time! It was our first year and we will be back next year!”
Reno, NV
“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the hiking and the speakers. Kudos to you and your volunteers. We look forward to trying a different hike next year.”
Nancy Wakelee
Did the Summit Canyon hike. It was such a good choice, thank you for recommending it. Hope I can do more hikes next year. Had a great time.
Arthur Porter
Donner Summit Historical Society